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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What type of construction does Dow Incorporated normally do?
  2. I want to implement a renovation/addition to my home, where do I start?
  3. How long has Dow been in business?
  4. What other services does Dow Construction offer?
  5. Is Dow Incorporated interested in small renovations?
  6. Is Dow Incorporated interested in commercial construction work?

Answer 1:

Dow Incorporated is a South Carolina licensed residential home builder and unlimited general contractor, as well as an unlimited residential contractor.

Answer 2:

One phone call to Dow Incorporated. We regularly work with architects and engineers and can assemble a design build team to suit your needs.

Answer 3:

We have been serving the needs of the Low Country in South Carolina since 1986.

Answer 4:

We provide a range of services including but not limited to project management, construction consulting, owner representation, and design build services.

Answer 5:

Yes we welcome all types of business whether it be a smaller bathroom/kitchen renovation or a complete remodel of your home.

Answer 6:

We are a licensed commercial general contractor in South Carolina and can serve your commercial needs ranging from transforming an existing building into a commercial area or doing a complete up fit of your current commercial space.